Morning Light’s Mission
To provide individualized, one-on-one, skilled Christian Science nursing care to those relying on Christian Science treatment with the expectancy of quick and whole healing.

Morning Light Staff

  • Board of Directors
    • Peter Ward
      • President
    • Karin Smith
      • Secretary-Treasurer
    • Heather Bauer, C.S.
    • Jane Hickson
    • Cynthia Miller
  • Christian Science Nurses
    • Linda Blasidell
      • Administrator/DOCSN
    • Karrell Dowling
    • Jobea Lindley
    • Elizabeth O’Berry
    • Candace Peagler
      • Savannah/Low Country
  • Office Staff
    • Fawn Griffith
      • Accountant
    • Sarah Taylor
      • Secretary
  • Practitioner Advisory Committee
    • Heather Bauer, C.S.
    • Cheryl Peters, C.S.
    • Kitty Wilson, C.S

Dear Morning Light Family

Thank you for being an integral part of Morning Light.

In this newsletter we want to share some highlights from our recent Annual Meeting on September 21st . What a joy-filled day it was! Our new Administrator and Director of Christian Science Nursing, Linda Blaisdell, whom you may have met at the meeting, said to me, “We are so ready to serve, to minister to this precious community.” Yes, we are ready, prepared, qualified – to serve, to minister, to “stand up for healing” for this precious Christian Science community.

And what a beautifully-developing idea Morning Light is. Our beloved leader, Mary Baker Eddy, has described our progress so succinctly in Miscellaneous Writings, The New Birth, 15:13-25. This is a wonderful study for us all.

“The new birth is not the work of a moment. It begins with moments, and goes on with years; moments of surrender to God, of childlike trust and joyful adoption of good; moments of selfabnegation, self-consecration, heaven-born hope, and spiritual love. Time may commence, but it cannot complete, the new birth; eternity does this; for progress is the law of infinity. Only through sore travail of mortal mind shall soul as sense be satisfied, and man awake in His likeness. What faith-lighted thought is this! That mortals can lay off the “old man,” until man is found to be the image of the infinite good that we name God, and the fulness of the stature of man in Christ appears.”

This is what Christian Science Nurses live by – ministering to those striving to “put off the old man” and to see the “stature of man in Christ.”

You are the Morning Light Family. We so appreciate your prayerful involvement. We also appreciate your important financial involvement. We are partners in sharing the same goals for the Christian Science community – healing and spiritual progress. Morning Light and the Christian Science Nurses are the implements of this partnership, ensuring fulfillment of these goals through concrete measures

Our gratitude to you all is unbounded –
Peter Ward, President
The Morning Light Board of Directors


We’d love to accept invitations from branch churches who would like to hear more about Morning Light, schedule a workshop with Questions and Answers, or simply review the recent Annual Meeting. It’s your call!



Excerpts from a talk given by Christian Science lecturer Julie Ward, CSB at the 2013 Morning Light Annual Meeting

“Stand in His presence, unafraid, In praise lift up your voice.” (Hymn 342)

To consciously stand in the presence of God IS to be unafraid. When fear floods into our thought and claims to paralyze us, it’s a very good thing to ask, “Is God afraid of this? Is absolute Truth afraid of a lie? Is absolute Love afraid of hatred? Is omnipotent Life afraid of death?”

No! Just as light knows nothing of darkness, Truth knows nothing of a lie. Love knows nothing of hatred. Life knows nothing of death. And you are the perfect reflection of infinite Truth, Love, and Life, so you are not afraid, and you never will be.

When you feel afraid, lift up your voice in praise to God. Thank Him with all your heart. Acknowledge Him as the only presence, the only power, the only Mind, the only Life. Because just as fear and Love can’t coexist, fear and gratitude can’t coexist. Gratitude displaces fear just as surely as light displaces darkness.

And isn’t that how healing happens in Christian Science? The light of Christ, Truth, displaces the darkness of limited material belief. The light doesn’t have to fight off the darkness or fix the darkness. It just has to shine. And the darkness can’t hold out against the light. When you turn on a light, you know that the darkness will disappear immediately. Why? Because the darkness is not an actual thing, but the absence of an actual thing. When you walk into a darkened room, you can always turn on a flashlight and know that the darkness will disappear. But if you walk into a room filled with light, you can’t turn on a flashdark and darken it.

Now think about that as you consider this line from the Preface of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures:

“ The physical healing of Christian Science results now, as in Jesus’ time, from the operation of divine Principle, before which sin and disease lose their reality in human consciousness and disappear as naturally and as necessarily as darkness gives place to light and sin to reformation.” (S&H xi:9-14)

In the light of divine Principle, the perfect law of Love, the darkness of sin and disease cannot stand. In the perfect order, harmony, and efficiency of divine Principle, there is no place for chaos, discord, and randomness. They can’t coexist. So the more we understand the ever-presence of that perfect Principle, the more we see that its opposite – the chaos and limitation called sickness and sin – must be illusion. They lose their reality in human consciousness the only place where they could even claim to be – and inevitably disappear.

Do we destroy real sin and sickness? No! We withdraw our belief that sin and sickness are real. And that makes room for Life, Truth and Love to fill our thought and our experience. Then we can stand firmly in the truth, even when we feel surrounded by lies.

“Stand then in His great might…” (Hymn 312)

In the Bible story of David and Goliath, David stood in God’s great might! He knew his source. He knew that his strength wasn’t some personal possession that might or might not measure up. He went out to fight as God’s representative, and he knew that all the power of God was behind him. Whenever we stand up in God’s name – in His nature – all of the great might of God stands behind us, strengthening, supporting, and protecting us.

David rejected the sword-and-spear approach. He refused Saul’s offer of the royal armor. Instead, he chose five smooth stones from a nearby brook and a simple slingshot. I like to think of those stones as five concrete thoughts that you can turn to when your problems seem overwhelming – like Goliath. Of course, each one has to choose his own smooth stones, but here are a few that have helped me:

  1. First, refuse to worship the name of a problem. Don’t let the name of a disease scare you. Instead, call it nothing – no thing! – and know that God didn’t create it, because He is entirely good and can’t create something unlike Himself.
  2. Second, remember that the problem has no place to be, because God fills all space. I’ve often been helped by the words that I learned in my very first Sunday School class: “There is no spot where God is not.”
  3. Third, know that the problem has no cause. God, infinite good, is the only real cause, and He can only cause good.
  4. Fourth, know that the problem has no course to run. Progress comes from God, so only good can progress, and only good has form and pattern.
  5. And finally, remember that you don’t have your own frightened little finite mind to believe in the problem. God, the one infinite Mind, is the ONLY Mind, and He knows nothing that is mindless or destructive.

Then you’ll be ready to run out to meet your Goliath problems, glad for an opportunity to learn more about God’s great might. It only took one stone to kill Goliath. It didn’t take an army or an arsenal. Just one pure heart totally convinced that God was the only power.

Questions & Answers

Did you know…

There’s a Christian Science church service held every Sunday for the Marine recruits stationed at the Parris Island Marine Recruit Depot in Beaufort, SC? Sometimes as many as 70 recruits have attended. These services have been sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist, Hilton Head for over 30 years.


of Healing and Christian Science Nursing


“When I was considering a stay at Morning Light, I had lots of questions. I knew no one who had called on Christian Science nurses for help or had stayed at a Christian Science care facility. However, upon arrival all doubts or hesitations faded away. The warm welcome I received put me at ease immediately. My nurses were not only professional in their care, but loving and encouraging. They were very patient as I learned to get around and to be more independent. The Wednesday services were very helpful.

The most important part of Christian Science nursing is the 24/7 metaphysical support. My nurses were cheerful and kept me on “the straight and narrow” if fear, doubt or discouragement surfaced. I appreciated their prayerful support. During my stay, I had four nurses. Each brought their own special approach to my care. One nurse always asked me what hymn I was walking to, and would join me as I sang my way down the hall!

The provision for Christian Science nursing is such a blessing, I would never be hesitant to call for help for myself or another.”


“I will be forever grateful for my recent introduction to the practical applications of Christian Science nursing. Recently I was faced with making a decision about how to help an unconscious person. The practitioner was called and was on the case, but I couldn’t leave this person in the chair, nor could I make the transfer on my own to a safer place. I called a local Christian Science nurse. Her prompt arrival brought with it a calm authority and quick assessment of the situation totally wrapped up in a love that was felt throughout. It was just what was needed to support my prayers and the practitioner’s. From that moment on it was evident that all needs were being met for all parties.

It was a privilege to watch God’s expression of love for us demonstrated in practical techniques that were so effective. The calm and gentle communication expressed by the nurse offered the counter-fact to the false material sense-picture. She was not impressed by the physical. This created the proper atmosphere for the reception of the healing word. Communications between me, the nurse, the practitioner and the patient were constant and supportive. Progress was rapid; consciousness was regained; movement and speech restored. By the next morning regular activity was resumed.”


“In response to my call for nursing support, the visiting nurse came to my house the same day and recognized my need to receive care in the calm and quiet of Morning Light Lodge. My husband arranged to drive me to the Lodge where I was warmly and tenderly welcomed.

Within a few days all evidence of internal bleeding was healed and my normal appetite returned. While very grateful for the physical healing, what I treasure more is the ministering Christ presence expressed by the nurses and the sacred retreat for spiritual growth I experienced during the week I spent at the Lodge.

The Christian Science nurses nurtured and cared for me with selfless devotion and maintained a healing atmosphere supportive of my desire for uninterrupted prayer and study. Morning Light is a priceless gift to our community.”


“What a glorious opportunity to share a Christian Science healing! After several days being afflicted with the inability to move my neck and head without pain, I called Morning Light for help. A dear friend stayed with me that night and supported me until the Christian Science nurse arrived the next morning. Two Christian Science nurses alternated caring for me in my home for about ten days.

As I was being nursed it felt like heaven on earth. Immediately all my needs were being met with such love and tenderness. Food, comfort and encouragement were generously provided. I was so free of daily cares.

The nurses were supporting the prayers of the Christian Science practitioner — all radically relying on Christian Science as Mary Baker Eddy taught how Christian Science heals. I couldn’t focus enough to read at first so I listened as they read. Later I could read words from our Pastor on my own.

Then one night I was so distressed I called the practitioner and could hardly say anything but help. There was complete silence and soon I felt a sense of God’s presence and Love permeating my being.

It took a few more days for the angel message to completely touch my thought. It came through Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (pg. 19), “Jesus aided in reconciling man to God by giving man a truer sense of Love, and this truer sense of Love redeems man from the law of matter, sin, and death by the law of Spirit, – the law of divine Love.” I suddenly felt this sense of Love radiating everything I thought of – me, family, church, Morning Light, nation and everything bathed in this Love – a higher sense of Love that governs its own creation with complete assurance. This revealing was the healing. The nurse was released and the practitioner also, and my family was relieved.

I rejoiced that I had surrendered to my heavenly Father-Mother God and was completely healed. I love the idea that Morning Light represents this activity of Love in action.”


“After picking up my teenage daughter at the end of the school day, she informed me that she felt terrible – suffering from a fever and other flu-like symptoms. That evening she was supposed to perform in her high school’s spring musical, where she had a significant part with solos. Earlier that day I had contacted a Christian Science nurse who lived down the street from my daughter’s high school. I inquired if she was going to be home that afternoon because there was only a short gap of time between the end of school and the time the cast had to return for the evening (our home is not near the school.) She said that she would be home and invited us to come over.

She welcomed us with open arms – literally and figuratively – graciously gave my daughter food, drink, Christian Science support, and a sofa to stretch out on and rest. My daughter and I felt enveloped in love, and her home was like a haven. I was so thankful to have her support. My daughter was able to return to school and perform that night.”


“I was called to help a patient in South Carolina. Apparently the situation had gone on for some time, and he was not able to do much for himself. The home was in a deplorable condition, and he was needing more help than I could provide alone. I called another Christian Science nurse who lived an hour or so away, and she lovingly dropped everything and came to my rescue.

By the time she arrived, the situation had changed and plans were in progress to fly him that day to a Christian Science nursing facility in another state. He absolutely refused to go unless we went to his office and got some of his important papers. Time was getting tight. There was a big festival in town – hence lots of traffic. Both of us were knowing that the passing of time was only measured by the good accomplished, and God would provide a parking place and show us where we needed to go. We finally found the office, retrieved the papers and returned, only to discover that the patient had fallen while we were gone and needed cleansing and covering before we could leave for the airport. With a lot of answered prayers and help driving from a local friend who knew that area, we got to the airport in time to board the plane. I must admit, I got caught up in the situation, but my CS nurse angel stayed above it and calmed both me and the patient. I will always appreciate and remember her spiritual poise and grace under a seemingly stressful situation.”


“When I think of the work of Morning Light Foundation, I think of Mrs. Eddy’s word in Science and Health – “manifesting the light which shines more and more unto the perfect day as the night of materialism wanes.” I have not had the need of a Visiting Christian Science nurse in my present experience, but I have had the privilege of witnessing their steadfast love and dedication to Christian Science when I served as a volunteer at the Leaves in Dallas some years ago. This was my first knowledge of the Christian Science nursing practice and of all that their work entailed. I have since come to know of the healing support, love and aid given by the nurses serving in Coastal areas of South Carolina in the experience of several close and very dear friends in recent years.

I stand in awe of these dear nurses’ selfless giving of love; of the divine inspiration they bring to each case; of their steadfast dedication to the spiritual laws of divine healing; not to mention their travel and time away from home and family, ready and willing at every call. Even though not needed at this moment, just knowing that Morning Light Lodge and the Visiting Nurse Service are available 24/7 is as the expression of the Christ-light in my experience – “and it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer.”

Words are inadequate to express my unending gratitude to Mrs. Eddy for her insight and divine direction to the need for the role of Christian Science nursing and her inclusion of its provision in the Church Manual. “Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift” – the shining light which shineth unto the perfect day – the healing Christ.”

The Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service

is available 24/7. If you would like an in-home visit, please call l 404-636-1683 (Atlanta area) or 912-272-0736 (Savannah and Low Country).


Morning Light’s new Administrator/Director of Christian Science Nursing

Greetings! In preparation for Annual Meeting, I was asked to share a little of how I became a Christian Science nurse. Back in 1978, the Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association had us work in the housekeeping department before we could start our training. One day, as I was scrubbing someone’s bathroom, I looked into the room and watched, as three Christian Science nurses sang Mother’s Evening Prayer to the patient. I was in awe – their voices were angelic, and the room was filled with an indescribable light. I felt the healing presence of the Christ – and that is when I knew that I wanted to be a Christian Science nurse. Since that time, I have had the privilege of witnessing this Christly light that dispels all fear. I have seen many healings, including those which the medical field would have said were impossible to heal.

A special part of my early training occurred in 1980 when I was mentored for 2 weeks by native-Atlantan Anne TuftsChurch with Morning Light. My experiences have taken me to different parts of the country. But I feel very blessed to be back home now, in the community that nurtured my beginning steps as a Christian Science nurse.

ML embraces this community in many ways. Christian Science nursing is a precious ministry. It is grounded in the Manual By-Law which states that one must have a “demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science practice.” This is where the ministry begins. Each of us has had training to prepare us with the skills we need to give proper care in a variety of situations, but it is the dedicated ministry as a practicing Christian Scientist that makes all the difference. In Mark we read the story of the raising of Jairus’ daughter. The parents, Peter, James, and John were allowed to be in the room when Jesus took her hand and raised her. The disciples were witnessing the presence of the Christ. Their thought had to have been pure and uplifted, else they would not have been allowed to stay in the room. I feel sure that they comforted the parents, as they knew healing was certain. Also, when Jesus told them to give her something to eat, they ministered to those practical needs. To minister is to serve, to serve God and mankind.

Thank you for cherishing this ministry with us.

Linda Blaisdell

Treasurer's Report

When considering the Morning Light “family,” it becomes so clear that we all have the same objectives – to grow, to develop what we love, to work together. You are the family which is financially supporting us – without you there would be no Morning Light!

The graphs displayed to the left represent Morning Light’s income and expenses in the fiscal year of 2012. In comparison, for the first 9 months of this year, our revenues are down by 8%, and our expenses are up by 12%. Your support and contributions are still very important and much needed.

We’re glad to report, however, that we have no indebtedness or liabilities, and for this we are very grateful! All of your contributions go directly to nursing support and minimal administrative costs. Thank you from the bottom of our grateful hearts!

Did you know…

  • That Morning Light takes baby cases? For tender, loving care before, during or after delivery, please give us a call.
  • Morning Light is available to assist your church Care Committee with answers and tips for providing care to those in need.
  • We can give workshops to help you learn how to assist others with practical needs either at church or at home.
  • That you can make contributions on the Morning Light website? Go to Click on the Donations tab and follow the prompts. (No need to login.)
  • That Morning Light sends out digital newsletters 3-4 times a year? Please send us your email address if you’d like to be included (

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