Walk to Emmaus

Christian Science: The Second Coming of Christ

By Amy Lang

NOTE: This talk is intended for a
Christian Science audience ONLY.

Bio – Amy Lang


Dr. Amy Lang received her PhD in Aeronautics from the California Institute of Technology in 1997.  She is currently a Professor of Aerospace Engineering & Mechanics at The University of Alabama, and a recognized researcher in the area of experimental fluid dynamics and bio-inspired flow control.  Her work on flow control by shark skin has drawn media attention, including articles in the NY Times and Forbes websites.

Amy is also a life-long practicing Christian Scientist, married, and has two children.  She has served her church in various capacities over the years including reader, Sunday school teacher, co-coordinator for the 2013 Deep South Church Alive Summit, and faculty advisor for the Christian Science Organization at The University of Alabama.  Since 2018 she has begun to introduce the scientific philosophy of Christian Science, known as deific naturalism, and its empirical healing evidence into the science and religion academic conversation.

The video above is a slightly altered version of her talk given at the Morning Light Annual Meeting on November 14, 2020.