Morning Light’s Mission
To provide individualized, one-on-one, skilled Christian Science nursing care to those relying on Christian Science treatment with the expectancy of quick and whole healing.

Morning Light Staff

  • Board of Directors
    • Sue Sonke
      • President
    • Kit Taylor,
      • Vice President
    • Cynthia Miller
    • Cheryl Peters, CS
    • Karin Smith
      • Secretary-Treasurer
  • Office Staff
    • Fawn Griffith
      • Accountant
    • Sarah Taylor
      • Secretary
  • Practitioner Advisory Committee
    • Cheryl Fejes, C.S.
    • Sally Horntvedt, CS
    • Cheryl Peters, C.S.

Expectant Giving

What can I bring to the table?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why would I give to Christian Science nursing?  What does my giving have to do with realChristian Science healing, which is mental? What do I even have to offer?”  You’d be amazed!

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