Morning Light Foundation

Questions and Answers

How long has Morning Light Foundation been serving the community? We started in 1967 as a Visiting Christian Science nurse service. In 1999, we opened the Lodge to welcome individuals needing a home-like setting for care. In 2011, we expanded our outreach to the Savannah/Low country area with a second Visiting Christian Science nurse service.

How does one pay for Morning Light services? We work with you. We ask that you pay what you can, and we then help you to explore how one of the Christian Science foundations might help. After an assessment of the need, benevolence is often available. "Benevolence does not exist because of one's poverty, but because of one's giving."

How quickly can the Christian Science nurse respond to a call? When the telephone call is received, a few questions are asked to help determine how to meet the individual need. Sometimes the Christian Science nurse needs to gather a few things and come as soon as possible. Other times, care may not be needed right away, and it may be determined that a visit can be arranged for the next day, or even later in the week. The most important thing is for you to feel free to give us a call when you feel you have a need, and know that we will help you.

Can someone from out-of-state call Morning Light for help? Yes. We serve the surrounding states, by going to the patient's home or arranging a visit to Morning Light Lodge. If Morning Light can't meet the need directly, we will help find resources to provide the needed care.

What if there is an emergency? Knowing that "Divine Love always has met and always will neet every human need" (S&H 1 p.494) assures us that God is always present to help. Morning Light is a resource, and can assist the caller to find appropriate, proper care to meet a need. Christian Science nurses are available by phone 24/7, and will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible. If Morning Light cannot meet the need, we will provide information about other resources.

What if there is a need to call in the middle of the night? Do call whenever you need help from our Christian Science nurses. We are on-call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When should I call a Christian Science practitioner? Prayerful treatment from a Christian Science practitioner is the first step in getting help when working out a challenge in Christian Science. Morning Light requests that patients have already engaged a Journal 2-listed practitioner before we accept a case.

Can someone receive Christian Science nursing that lives in an assisted living facility that is not for Christian Scientists? Yes! We provide care for individuals in their "home" - wherever that might be, and support the integrity of the patient's desire to rely on Christian Science for healing. We are always mindful of our role, and respect the policies of the facility. These are opportunities to share with others about Christian Science, and how our religion provides proper care and support for church members.

What are the benefits of coming to the Lodge? Sometimes the layout of the home may pose challenges for providing care - such as stairs, distances, or other inconveniences. There may be an active family household, and the need is for a quiet sanctuary with support and privacy. Morning Light Lodge is a haven, and a sanctuary for healing.

What if the person would rather stay at home? We will do all we can to accommodate the individual's needs and wishes, while upholding the standard in the Church Manual 3 - to demonstrate "practical wisdom" and provide "proper care". Morning Light can bring necessary equipment, and sometimes other Christian Science nurses can assist, depending on the situation. But most importantly, the goal is to establish an uplifting, healing environment; an atmosphere that is calm, peaceful, and orderly, where proper care can be provided.

Does Morning Light provide care for children? Yes we do. We require that both parents give written permission before providing care, and that a parent is always present with the child.

What if there has been medical or hospital involvement? Please know that we always want to be a support! Either we will be able to assist you, or we will help to find an answer that will meet your need. We are here for you!


Call us at: (770) 794-0247

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